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...tiski.fi so that life was more than just dirty dishes...
Like, say, Another Fab Day!

Maybe I need to explain this a little:
I have a website tiski.fi, which means both dirty dishes and a counter in Finnish. I've spent a lot of time at both, but haven't we all...

I've always wanted to write, just didn't know what about until I found style blogs. Heureka, there was a forum for me!
I started out with a Finnish blog and a project of cleaning up the closets, slided gradually to bi- and trilingual Another Fab Day style blog, gave up the Spanish translations as I didn't seem to find the time for it anymore, and finally divided my blog into 2, English blog and this one to serve my readers better.

Turned out I was wrong: it didn't serve anybody, least of all my readers, so I'm back into just one. 

And now quoting myself:

❝This blog is mainly about my style and lifestyle, I'm a job seeking housewife who lives at the suburbs, browses her (whoops, this actually is my) hometown, loves all girly stuff and colours and flowers, smiles easily and laughs loudly. You can browse my outfits from last winter, spring and summer and now again autumn.

My latest hobby was my shop Prefecta vintage & more on Etsy for which I hunted thriftshops and worked on new fun and preferably a little crazy ideas, like fatfree creamcakes.❞

Except now I've returned to a dayjob and this blog and the shop are again just my very dear and beloved hobbies.

Feel free to comment on anything, that makes me really happy!
I'm also open to all wishes, ideas, networking, co-operation etc. so send me a note if you have something in mind, email:

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